SRM 305

Product Code SRM 305
Colour Gardner ( 50% Solution in Toluene ) 12 max.
Melt Viscosity @ 150°C, cps 250 – 350
Acid Value (mg KOH/gm) 12 max
Specific Gravity @ 30 ºC 0.940 – 0.960
Tolerance in MTO Infinite
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INK MEDIUM – 305 is a formulated offset ink vehicle based on Modified Phenolics esterified with Penta Erithritol and fortified with high-performance additives. Universal and an ideal ink medium which performs extremely well in varied operating conditions. The Perfect medium for the manufacture of Paste ( Offset ) Inks meant for printing on types of coated and uncoated Paper, Board, Bleach Kraft, Glazed paper etc.


    •  Offers complete wetting dispersion of wide range of Organic & Inorganic pigments.
    • Excellent pigment and filler suspension properties.
    • Controlled tack, Exhibits Good Gloss & Adhesion.
    • Efficient flow, levelling and open-time (setting).