Ester Gum
Product Code VIMREZ 100L
Colour Gardner ( 50% Solution in Toluene ) 5 max.
Softening Point ( B & R ), °C 100 – 110
Acid Value (mg KOH/gm) 30 max.
Specific gravity (20°C), ±0.02 1.07
Melt Viscosity @ 150°C, cps 2000 ± 500
Ash (as weight), % max 0.1
Flash Point (C.O.C.), °C 250

VIMREZ 100L is granular form, stabilized, low odor, light colour modified gum rosin esters.

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Aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents esters, ketones and chlorinated solvents.


EVA, SIS, SBS, NR, CR, SBR; waxes; mineral & naphthenic oils.

Typical Uses

    • SBS and SIS base hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives for sanitary napkins.
    • Hot melt adhesives for packing and bookbindings.
    • Hot melt Paints..